ANGEL RENGELL- (b.1969 Seville, Spain)

Sculptor, Painter, and Designer . Lives and works in London, United Kingdom


Angel Rengell SculptorAngel, of German and Italian descent on his father's side, begins to draw at age six and paints portraits of his schoolmates at the age of ten. During age thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen, he does his first sculptures and enrolls at the age of fifteen years into The School of Applied Arts and Artistic Professions of Seville. Later, in The Faculty of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungría at Seville University. He is a Professional Sculptor at the age of eighteen, with his own studio.

First Studio



Meanwhile,he works in sculpture and creates artworks of Sacred Character, while simultaneously working on other sculptural creations based in The Nude and The Drawings of Erotic Language. Successive travels to Italy, France, and Germany.

In 2000, he celebrates his marriage to the Painter and Sculptress Luccia Lignan. 



His First Studio.

Angel Rengell Sculptor . angel rengell sculptor . Angel Rengell . angel rengell . Luccia Lignan . luccia lignan . Wedding . wedding .

Exhibits since 1995 (Seville and Madrid), 1996 (Jerez), 1998 (Barcelona), and Miami, Elite Fine Arts, Spaces in 1999 Geneva, FIA 2000 Venezuela, 2001 in Beziers (France), ), 2002 Los Angeles Art Show, 2003 Art Miami, 2004 Chicago (SOFA), 2005 Art Miami, 2006 Antares (among others). Latest Exhibitions:

Exhibition Galerie Zero Arts, December-January 2006-2007, Stuttgart (Germany)

Form London, March 2007, London (United Kingdom)

Festival of Drawing, April-May 2007, AVA, London (United Kingdom)

Form London, February-March 2008, London (United Kingdom)

Upcoming Exhibitions New York, London and Moscow . Contemporary Portraits, 2008 - Project Currently .


Angel Rengell Sculptor . MSACAngel Rengell Sculptor . MSAC Member of Maryland State Art Council

Angel Rengell Sculptor .  Chicago Artists CoalitionAngel Rengell Sculptor .  Chicago Artists Coalition Member of The Chicago Artists' Coalition



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